Benefits of Becoming an Accredited ACH Professional

Earning your credentials as an AAP has a wide array of benefits. As an individual, your accreditation demonstrates to your employer that you’re committed to the profession, which can provide opportunities for personal career growth. It also helps your company, since bank regulators and examiners regularly look at financial institutions’ AAP employees as a sign that the FI is committed to risk management and regulation compliance.

These benefits apply to solution providers, processors and even end users. By having an AAP on staff, an end user like a business or government agency can more effectively manage ACH Network use and enhance its risk management profile. Similarly, solution providers and processors need qualified AAPs in order to ensure that they’re complying with FIs and business clients. Once you have your accreditation, you’ll find that you’re in high demand as the “go-to” person for all things ACH.

Finally, your status as an AAP helps pave the road for future ACH professionals. If your organization or company offers courses licensed for AAP Continuing Education Credit, you’ll contribute to an industry-wide effort to raise the bar on payments-related education. By contributing knowledge to your organization’s course offerings, you’ll help your colleagues, further your own education, and boost your company’s reputation for excellence in the industry.